Accredited Investors

Accredited investors are increasingly turning to alternative investments in search of better returns relative to risk and performance cycles that differ from publicly available stocks and bonds. Real Estate Private Equity can achieve both objectives as it provides exposure to real estate that performs on different cycles from stocks and bonds, and, unlike other forms of private equity, it offers a variety of risk levels with correlating returns. Therefore, real estate private equity provides investors the opportunity to have real estate exposure and diversify away from stocks and bonds at a comfortable level of risk.

Blue Cardinal Capital funds provide investors with the opportunity to increase the real estate exposure in their portfolios while providing a selection of risk/return levels from which investors can choose. Our funds also provide a variety of cash flow options including current pay – which provide monthly cash flow – to funds with deferred cash flow features that enhance return for investors seeking optimal yields.

Accredited investors seeking more information may contact us for an Investor Qualifications Questionnaire