Development Funds

In addition to working with real estate developers to help them realize their financing needs, Blue Cardinal Capital also acquires properties on behalf of investors and creates one or more funds to finance the acquisition and development of that property. This strategy often leads to partnerships with current landowners and forward-thinking municipalities.

For development funds, Blue Cardinal Capital acquires properties and develops a master plan for the property that becomes the roadmap for investors to evaluate whether the fund aligns to their interest. Development funds can include investor classes or sub-funds that are tailored to provide investors with various levels of aligned risk and return, duration, liquidity, tax consequences/benefits, and community impact (double or triple bottom line).

Property owners or municipalities that sell their properties to Blue Cardinal often exchange a portion of the sale price for investment units in the development fund. These sellers appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the development without further investment while retaining the upside of a successful project.

Attributes of a development fund target site are strategic locations, size (acreage of land or square-footage of buildings), potential uses that align to Blue Cardinal Capital’s strategies.

For more information, contact a Blue Cardinal Business Development Director.