Millennial Attraction

Millennial Attraction

According to recent US census data, the population of ages 18 to 35 is just north of 75 million; making them the largest living generation in the United States. This, of course, is the millennial generation. While the sheer numbers make this cohort an obvious target demographic, the strategy behind how they are attracted is not so obvious.

Blue Cardinal Capital invests the time and resources to identify the ever-changing needs and preferences of the millennial population. We implement strategies that address these needs today, while anticipating the changes needed to grow and adapt as they change. This approach is taken at a holistic level: identifying their housing preferences, the recreational preferences, what they value in a neighborhood, and what employment opportunities are attractive to them.

Millennials will make up the majority of our workforce and major industry leaders, across all sectors, are looking to capitalize on their unique talents. The landscape of our work environment is changing, and Blue Cardinal Capital’s real estate strategy is focused on the real estate consequences of this shift and the need to adapt to these changes. Consequently, the drive to attract millennials is founded in the fact that their presence is a main driver in job creation, whether through corporate expansion or relocation to incubators and start-ups.

Just as the millennial generation is leaving its mark on society, culture and values, it is also rewriting the rules for real estate. Blue Cardinal is facilitating.