Opportunity Zone

Highlights of the program include:

  • The tax on profits from a previous investment is deferred up to 7 years
  • The tax on previous profits from a previous investment is lowered by up to 15%
  • Profits on the OZ investment can be tax free

Qualified Opportunity Funds (“QOF”) are the means in which investors can reinvest their recent capital gains  and realize a deferral of the federal income tax on those gains for up to seven years as well as a tax reduction of those gains by up to 15%. The QOFs deploy the OZ Investment in Opportunity Zones through real estate development and new business creation. If investors keep their OZ Investment in the QOF for ten years, there will be no tax on any profits from their OZ Investment.

Blue Cardinal Capital launched one of the first Opportunity Zone Funds in the Country. Click here to learn more.

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