Bobby Anderson

Director of Culinary Planning & Workforce Development


Bobby Anderson was born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York and studied at the Culinary Institute of America; the most prestigious college for culinary studies in the nation. Chef Bobby is perhaps best known for his role in the Season 4 Fox television series Hell’s Kitchen; where he finished number 4 out of 17 contestants under the fiery tutelage of Gordon Ramsay. Gordon went on to hire Chef Bobby for two of his restaurants in Manchester and London, a rare opportunity for many of the contestants of Hell’s Kitchen.

Soon after, Chef Bobby founded F BITES. F BITES is a culinary vocational training program for youth & adults in Erie, Niagara & Monroe County whose Mission Statement is to empower youth and adults with the mindset to be contributing members of society, inspiring them with the foundation to plan a successful future through the execution and development of workforce skills, soft skills, and exposure to culinary art training. F BITES instills an exemplary work ethic and helps prepare people to get out into the work force and help contribute to their own success.

In addition to running F BITES, Chef Bobby is a visionary when it comes to restaurants and concepts. His foresight to see “what can be” is unmatched. He can walk into a space, know what will work and not work, and conceptualize a business plan. This is what has made Bobby Anderson such an incredible asset to the culinary community and to the Blue Cardinal Capital team.

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